Classification Human
Gender Male
Age 9
Residence Chumpak Nagar
Relatives Billu's Momma (Mother)
Billu's Pappa (Father)
Bublee (Paternal Aunt)
Donster (Paternal Uncle)
Pets Billu's Cat
Occupation Student
Real world information
Appears in Haddi Mera Buddy
First appearance Meet the Reaper

"Billu" is an idiot boy and mentally challenged boy in Chumpak Nagar. He is the second important person in this show. His Father and his mother names are not mentioned. He likes his friends so much that he could do anything for them. His friends names are, Haddi, Preethi, Gullu, Lallu.


Billu and Preethi were friends since babies. In the first episode, they first meet Haddi, who came to take Chitti, Billu's rat. The duo said if Haddi wins, he would take the hamster and go away to Anotherworld but If the duo wins, they would keep Chitti for themselves, and Haddi would be their best friend forever.



Despite being best friends, Preethi treats him more like a slave than a friend.


Best friend since Chitti's Birthday, Billu treats Haddi like a friend than far than Preethi.


Gullu and Billu make best buddies, Billu likes Gullu than Preethi and Haddi. Billu call Gullu as 'Glass boy' because he is wearing specs. Mohit Singh is Gullu


Lallu is easily scared friend of Billu. He also is liked by Billu.


Billu is the cartoon network (Indian) version of Billy in Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

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