Classification Human
Gender Female
Age 9
Residence Chumpak Nagar
Relatives Preeti's Daddy
Preeti's Mother
Pets Puppy
Occupation Student
Real world information
Appears in Haddi Mera Buddy
First appearance Meet the Reaper

Preeti is an arrogant and snotty girl from Chumpak Nagar. She is one of the three protagonists of the show. Like Billu, her father and mother's names are not mentioned. Preeti is shown to be a very clever girl. Preeti has no other "friends" other than Billu and Haddi .She always make her friends to do her every work.


Preeti and Billu were friends since they are babies. On Billu's pet hamster Chitti's birthday, she and Billu beat Haddi in a limbo game and Haddi became her "slave friend" forever. Because of her rude behaviour, even her parents are shown to be scared of her. She is very pessimistic.She was even unhappy in her mother's womb. She has a enemy named Bublee Bablani..



Billu is her best friend, but she treats him like a slave. In some episodes, Preeti has shown some sincere concern for Billu.


Haddi is the duo's (Billu and Preeti's) best friend since the episode Meet the Reaper. He is to be her slave for eternity after that episode.


Gullu has a serious crush on Preeti.He loves her so much that he would save her from vicious monsters even at the cost of his life.But Preeti doesn't like him a bit.


She is Preeti's sworn enemy. She always teases her. Since they meet first, Preeti had become Bublee's best friend but Bublee talked too much and Preeti who became fed up of her said "shut up" in the face Bublee's face. Bublee felt humiliated and from that moment she had been teasing Preeti and defaming her.


  • Preeti is the Indian Cartoon Network version of Mandy in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
  • She never smiles in any episode even if she is forced.Reality fell apart when she was forced to smile.

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